Dr. Isaac Bone & Joint specialty Hospital have been created to make basic and advanced ortho care in an affordable cost. The Hospital has enjoyed a good reputation for the past 14 years and more in providing health services at par with excellence for the people living in dire need. This hospital is founded by Dr. ISAAC SUNDER SEN. MS. ortho. DNB (ortho), Mch (Ortho), Fellow, Joint Replacement (Germany) Director and Chief Orthopedic & Joint replacement Surgeon. He is young and energetic one of the leading orthopedic and trauma surgeon in the south Tamil Nadu.

We at Dr. Isaac Bone & the Joint specialty Hospital is mainly an Orthopedic care which deals with accident and emergency trauma cases round the clock with ortho associated surgical specialty cases. This hospital gives comprehensive orthopedic care to all trauma patients. Our patients are of prime importance and high priority and nothing give us more satisfaction than solving their problems and ensuring better quality of life.

We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in all kinds of surgeries and operations related to both injuries as well as other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Using sophisticated equipments Joint Replacements like Hip Joint and Knee Joint (TKR, THR), Arthroscopy, and fracture and spine surgery is regularly done with outstanding success. The cost of treatment is hereby made easy to accommodate even the low income group.

It has world-class, well equipped, and sophisticated facilities. Our well trained specialists, surgeons, and medical team to treat the most complicated cases. We have specialized teams for all surgeries of Orthopedic, Joint Replacement Unit. Our orthopedic unit caters primarily hip and Knee replacements, Shoulder and Elbow joint replacements and secondarily Arthritic & Arthroscopic Surgeries.

As a leading orthopedic facility, we offer the most comprehensive health care systems and virtually all of the finest, latest treatments, technologies and services available anywhere. This includes extensive support staff like nurse specialists, social workers, occupational and physical therapists and many other medical and rehabilitative specialists.

Why Isaac Hospital

In the 14 years, Dr Isaac Bone and Joint Speciality hospital has performed more than 5000 successful Ortho Surgeries with excellent outcomes.

Internationally Trained Ortho Specialists

Our joint replacement surgeons are renowned orthopaedicians in south Tamilnadu with vast experience in joint replacement surgery. They have attended many international seminars and conferences to update their surgical knowledge. They have received advanced training in joint replacement surgery in Germany.

Vast Experience in Joint Replacement surgery

Our chief joint replacement surgeon has performed more than 2500 joint replacement surgery for the past 10years. some of our associate orthopaedicians is a pioneer in the field of joint replacement surgery.

State of the Art Equipments

Our Institute is equipped with the latest state of the art equipments imported from leading suppliers around the world. Orthopedic Theatre is equipped with latest equipments like 30 and 70 degree Arthroscopy, C Arm for trauma and spine surgeries and orthopedic power systems

International quality standard operation theatre complex

  • Dedicated operation theatre for joint replacement surgery
  • Dedicated operation theatre for spine surgery
  • Dedicated operation theatre for trauma & fracture surgery
  • Dedicated operation theatre for face maxillary surgery, plastic, hand & reconstructive surgery

World Class & Ultra Modular Unique Laminar Airflow Theatre Comple- Only one of its kinds in South Tamilnadu

Joint replacement theatre is designed as a room within room concept. It means the sterile area within the operation theatre in which ultra clean air through HEPA filters flows in, in the form of inverted trumpet pattern. In this concept, there is no turbulence in air flow and less sterile air cannot come into the surgical field ensuring asepsis. This system is designed to the standards of HTM 2025 (UK) and ASHRAE (US).

Uniform and Fair Pricing

We strive to provide world class joint replacement surgery at affordable cost. We provide uniform and affordable price structure to both India and abroad patients. Our cost effective package has brought joint replacement surgery within the reach of common man.

Guaranteed Chances of Restoring Mobility

We offer an assured program titled “Guaranteed Chances of Restoring Mobility”for joint replacement surgery. It is systematically result oriented and cost effective treatment plan.

At our centre, we use international quality standard surgical materials and techniques have greatly increased the effectiveness so that our joint replacement surgery today has a high rate of success in relieving pain and restoring mobility. At our centre 95 out of every 100 procedures can be confidently predicted to be successful and, even at 10 to 15 years after the operation, will still be giving good service; some joint replacements have lasted 20 years.

Indo German Joint Replacement Programme

Dr. Isaac Institute of Joint Replacement surgery is leading joint care of Indo-German joint replacement surgery centers in south Tamilnadu .Our centre is jointly backed by the vast experience of German doctors in the field of joint replacement surgery. A team of joint replacement consultants from Germany is visiting India to observe joint replacement surgery at our centre every six months.

International Standard Care

Dr Isaac Institute of Joint Replacement Surgery (DIIJRS) recognizes the importance of the quality of life of patients, and we are prepared to provide patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery with international-standard attention during every step of the process. Our team of expert doctors and medical personnel has received specialized training in caring for patients that have undergone joint replacement surgery.

  • Patients attend pre-operative counseling to fully understand the treatment process before, during and after the procedure. Patients will also receive recommendations regarding post-operative behavior, which will correspond to the patients daily lives.
  • Patients will be placed under general anesthesia that does not contain morphine to reduce possible adverse effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, allowing faster recovery after surgery.
  • We will work to prevent adverse effects of the surgery, such as thrombosis and infection.
  • We will control infection and focus on safety as our priority. In choosing medical tools, safety is essential. For example, our surgeons operating gowns prevent infection and the lighted headbands provide enough brightness for highest clarity during surgery.
  • Our rehabilitation medicine specials and physical therapists will provide recommendations regarding self-care as well as physical therapy and rehabilitative activities that meet the same standards.
  • We will follow up on the results of the surgery continuously.

We will provide information on various topics, such as osteoarthritis, the surgical procedure, and post-operative self-care through brochures and DVDs.