Backpacks, a blessing or a curse?

Back pain is one of the most common problems for both children and adults all over the globe, latest studies show that, kids who carry heavy backpacks on their backs are the main victims who suffer  from ailments such as severe shoulder pain .The problem is not a huge one and, it can be tackled and solved from home itself with the adequate caring and understanding by the parents  or an expert doctor ,they must understand the what’s and whys of the back pain of their kids and, should find a proper way to solve the issue. Every minute details and cause of the illness of the child should be examined which also includes the design features of the backpack.

Precaution is always better than care

The following are some of the important and primary measures that parents should take that reduce the chance of back pain among children.

  •         Parents should check that the backpacks are made of Lightweight material such as canvas in contrast to      hard materials such as leather.
  •         The shoulder straps should be adjustable and, should be two padded.
  •         The back must be well protected and padded
  •         There must be Hip strap, waist belt so that, the weight of the backpack will be redistributed.
  •         Backpacks with inbuilt wheels would be more helpful for children as, they can pull the backpack rather      than carrying.Back pain 

The Right way makes an Easy way

Children should be taught by the parents on, how to properly load and wear the backpacks to avoid pain by

  •         The shoulder straps should be worn properly and, both the straps must be used.
  •         The heavy objects should be packed first, it will help to remain closest to the body.
  •         Proper packing of sharp and bulky objects will be helpful so that, there will be no contact with the body of the child.
  •         The child must be advised to lift the bag with the leg muscles rather than, bending with arms extended.
  •         Chances of getting back pain increases if the child leans while walking with backpack on their back.

The Parent’s care

The child always looks upon his parents whenever he or she is in trouble, as mentioned earlier in the article parents should understand the problems of their child and proper care must be given

  •         There must be proper communication with the child so that, the parent can understand whether their child is suffering from back pain
  •         The choosing of the right Backpack for your child will solve half the problem. The Backpack must be selected according to the needs and, age of the child.
  •         The parents must talk to the teachers and, the authorities on how the problem can be minimized so that, the child doesn’t have to carry heavy books daily.
  •         The PTA meetings must be attended by the parents and, problems and, the ways to solve the issue must be discussed

There are various alternatives available in the market now to the traditional backpacks such as, saddle bags, roller bags with the proper safety measurements that helps to, tackle the problem before making things worse that may even lead to shoulder replacement surgery.

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