Answer to Orthopaedic Worries

Human body is a mystery for the untrained eye. But for a trained surgeon it works with amazing precision and has a full-fledged system in place. There are focused and in-depth studies into various aspects of human body and the musculoskeletal system is one such.
Orthopaedic surgery is an advanced stream looking into this aspect. These surgeons will look into the complex system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, and thus ensuring the patient to move freely and be active.
The era of specialisation has dawned of late in Southern India with many super speciality hospitals coming up in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. So the search for the best orthopaedic hospital in Tamil Nadu or the best orthopaedic hospital in Kerala can come up with many options.
But the real point in is in narrowing down on the skill set of the surgeon and the facilities available at the hospital. Isaac Hospitals – Centre for Joint Replacement, Spine and Trauma Surgeries, has been offering the best orthopaedic treatment in Tamil Nadu for many years now.
With Dr. Isaac Sunder Sen, undoubtedly one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Tamil Nadu, at its helm, the Isaac Hospitals is leading the band of premium and most trusted orthopaedic hospitals in Tamil Nadu as well as orthopaedic hospitals in Kerala. In fact, people are coming to Isaac Hospitals from as far as Maldives and Bahrain.
Just like any other disciplines, an orthopaedic surgeon goes through a spectrum of protocol before narrowing down on the exact cure and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment protocol starts with diagnosis of the injury or disorder before proceeding to treatment. This will involve medication, exercise, casting, surgery or other options depending on the extent and nature of the injury. This will be followed by rehabilitation process. In this stage, the surgeon will recommend exercises or physical therapy. The aim of the rehabilitation process is to restore movement, strength and function of the affected part of the body. But the real challenge for the surgeon will be prevention of the injury again or slow down the progression of the ailment, with the precise knowledge about the nature of the ailment and the exact treatment protocol for that. This is where, the role of the orthopaedic surgeon becomes critical.
Back pain, sports injuries, arthritic hips and knees, and stiff neck muscles are most common musculoskeletal conditions that demand urgent and expert medical intervention. Because, any of these could upset the normal life for anyone. Obstruction in movement can take the quality out of normal lives in no time.
Isaac Hospitals – Centre for Joint Replacement, Spine and Trauma Surgeries, was formed to address this precise issue. The aim is to provide basic and advanced orthopaedic care in an affordable cost to patients in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. But more than one-and-a-half decades of exemplary service, the hospital could earn high accolades from all around the world and has been acknowledged as a centre that provides health services on par with international standards for those who are in real need of it.
That Dr. Isaac has wide and rich exposure to the international scene and is in forever touch with the latest technology available in orthopaedics, makes him the most trusted and accessible orthopaedic and trauma surgeon in Tamil Nadu.
He could bring in world-class, well equipped, and sophisticated facilities for treating Joint Replacements like Hip Joint and Knee Joint (TKR, THR), Arthroscopy, and fracture and spine surgery regularly with outstanding success. This also meant that the cost of treatment is kept at the lowest to make it easily available even to the low income group.
The hospital as well trained specialists, surgeons, and medical team to treat the most complicated cases. There are specialized teams for all surgeries which come under orthopaedic requirements. There is virtually no orthopaedic case that Isaac Hospital cannot handle at present. The focus of the orthopaedic unit at the hospital is primarily on hip and knee replacements, shoulder and elbow joint replacements, followed by arthritic and arthroscopic surgeries.
Offering comprehensive health care with accent on orthopaedic treatment makes Isaac Hospitals the first choice for anyone looking for orthopaedic treatment in Tamil Nadu. The hospital bring in services of not just the best surgeons and physicians, but also the cream of support staff that includes nurse specialists, social workers, occupational and physical therapists and many other medical and rehabilitative specialists.
It has been a declared policy with the Isaac Hospitals to keep the waiting time to minimum for planned admissions. In other words, patients who are flying in from outside the country can have better control over their movement and take informed decisions about their stay in India.
This starts with the pickup from the airport itself, with trained translator service made available for those who need it. Their stay will be made a memorable and most comfortable experience with dedicated rooming that orients the patients to various hospital services.
This care and concern as well as prioritising the needs and requirements of the patients is also evident in the way Isaac Hospitals handles the discharge process. Every patient discharged from this leading orthopaedic hospital in Tamil Nadu will get a post-discharge call within 72 hours after discharge to give post-surgery suggestions and gather feedback. The discharge summary will also be issued at the shortest possible time for planned discharges.
With India emerging as the premium health tourism destination, Isaac Hospitals is riding the crust of the movement. It has lined up the best facilities, better than even the best orthopaedic hospital in Kerala with one of the highest health index in the country. India is known for their skill and talent and Dr. Isaac Sunder Sen takes this mark of quality a couple of notches higher. For more than last five years, patients have been coming for orthopaedic treatment from Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa and Middle East Asian countries.
All come in search of the solution that will restore normal life for them. Dr. Isaac has answers for all their queries.