• JULY 28, 2017
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    Notes on Knee Replacement

    Notes on Knee Replacement

    Knee is one of the most important part of human body, as it is essentially linked to free movement. Any difficulty or ailment affecting the knee can lead to upsetting the natural rhythm of life. Deterioration of the health of knee joint and surrounding tissues can effect even the basic daily life. This is where

    • JUNE 10, 2017
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    Dealing with joint pains during monsoon

    It is generally seen that arthritis patients experience an increase in pain during monsoon or when the temperature drops. This has led to the belief that arthritic pain could be related to weather. However, modern studies prove that no climate is arthritic-friendly. One theory is that the drop in temperature allows body tissues to expand.

    • APRIL 21, 2017
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    Success Story of Susilan Nair

    I am Susilan Nair, aged 82 years. I have a good opinion and thankfulness towards “Isaac Bone & Joint specialty Hospital” and so I’d like share a few words.
    I am from a village named Parasuvaikkal in Thiruvananthapuram district. My parents are Mr. Velayudhan Pillai and Mrs. Nyanagi Ammal. Because of my family problems I had my schoolings till 6th standard and started agriculture when I was 14 years. As I am working too hard my legs got painful and bulges from my 20 years. I had gone through several medicines and hospitals. Years passed away and my knees started bending.

    • APRIL 12, 2017
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    Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery

    The biggest stumbling block one faces ahead of the knee replacement surgery is the fear about mobility. So, it is most important to regain mobility and freedom of movement after the surgery. Replacing the arthritic knee with an efficient one through surgical process is often the last step in the treatment protocol. All leading orthopaedic