• APRIL 8, 2017
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    Risks in delaying knee replacement surgery

    Knee replacement surgery is not a big deal these days, thanks to the advancement of technology and the expertise of doctors. But still many keep on delaying the surgery, mostly out of fear and misinformation. The fear about the procedure and its effects, general fear about the surgery and ignorance about the post-operation pain are

    • MARCH 20, 2017
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    A brief note on Sports Injuries

    Stress is back on physical activities with summer vacations almost here. With academic life going for a break, it is only expected for the games and sports to resume in full steam. With that comes the threat of sports injuries. So this is the right time to know more about sports injuries and learn how

    • MARCH 8, 2017
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    Common Causes and Cure for Knee Pain

    Human body is a complex system. It is essential to keep this system in good shape. Out of the joints in the body, the knee demands more attention and care, as it is the largest joint in the body. Knee is important to allow the leg to move freely and carry the body. So naturally,

    • MARCH 6, 2017
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    Lifestyle and Alternative Treatments for osteoarthritis

    Even though there is no definite cure for osteoarthritis, it does not mean the active physical life is over for the patients. There are ways to improve the quality of life. These can be done through some simple adjustments in lifestyle to reduce the load on joints and bones. One of the key elements in