Common Causes and Cure for Knee Pain

knee painHuman body is a complex system. It is essential to keep this system in good shape. Out of the joints in the body, the knee demands more attention and care, as it is the largest joint in the body. Knee is important to allow the leg to move freely and carry the body. So naturally, knee is one of the first parts in the body to take the hit from over stress and start showing up symptoms of ageing.
The most common indicator of stress on knee is inflammation and swelling resulting from tendon stress around the knee. Some irregular movement or use of the knee can cause both acute and chronic injuries. Similarly, torn cartilages can affect the regular functioning of the knee. Stretched ligaments and straining or tearing a muscle around the knee joint can also impair the free functioning of the knee. Then, of course, is the medical condition of arthritis.

 Treatment for Knee Pain

Application of ice in local affected areas and some improvised exercises can bring in relief. There is this simple protocol of RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation for immediate relief.
Also there are simple non-weight-bearing AROM or active range of motion exercises. One of it is to sit on a chair and raise the knee up to the chest, release, and repeating it with the other knee. If pain continues, try RICE and then repeat.

It requires medical attention if you are facing torn cartilage. It usually happens when the knee is forcibly twisted or rotated. Look for symptoms like clicking, popping or snapping deep inside the knee. If torn cartilage is suspected, it is always better to go for MRI scan and consult an expert orthopaedic surgeon.
When it comes to arthritis, you must get in consultation with the expert. It can be countered with right treatment and slight changes in the lifestyle.
Because, it is extremely important to keep you knee in good shape to improve the quality of life.

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