Dealing with joint pains during monsoon

It is generally seen that arthritis patients experience an increase in pain during monsoon or when the temperature drops. This has led to the belief that arthritic pain could be related to weather. However, modern studies prove that no climate is arthritic-friendly.

One theory is that the drop in temperature allows body tissues to expand. This means that the already swollen joints get further swollen and thus shooting up the pain. But the general opinion among modern experts is that this pain is mostly psychosomatic.

The arthritic pain during monsoon or colder season can be handled through proper exercises as during warmer seasons. This pain is basically caused by a stiffness induced by the cold weather. Even healthy people can experience this stiffness once the temperature changes abruptly. Especially those with sedentary lifestyle. Regular exercise and daily physical movement is the best way to counter joint pains during monsoon or cold weather situations.

Countering joint pains during monsoon

It can start with simple stretching exercises as you begin the day. Experts recommend stretching at least twice in a day. Full stretching as you get out of the bed in the morning and some bending too can provide the warming up for the body.

For example, you can stand straight with legs placed shoulder width apart. Then breathe in and raise the hands slowly above head. Relax the knees and bend slightly to touch the feet with hands in a slow movement. Come back to first position and continue.

Sitting is another silent issue affecting your body. It is essential that you stand up and walk a bit or stretch after every half an hour. This is more important if you are sitting the entire day in an air-conditioned room, the reduced room temperature can increase the stiffness of the joints.

It is advised for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis patients to go easy with food during monsoon. Light and easy to digest food is preferred along with natural diuretics. Gentle massaging with herbal oils can also be of some relief. However, if the pain increases, it is essential to consult the doctor as some changes in medication might be needed.

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