Exercise benefits for older people with Arthritis

Exercise benefits for older people with ArthritisExercises are part of a healthy and better lifestyle. Regardless of age and sex, everyone can benefit from doing exercises if included in their daily routine. And it can also help to prevent or tackle many health related issues, such as obesity, arthritis, heart problems, etc.

For older people who are suffering from arthritis can reduce the pain and maintain their mobility and independence by simple getting engaged in physical activities on daily basis. Even a 45 minutes exercise is enough to gain the benefits.

Inflammation of the joints are known as Arthritis. And the most common form of arthritis is called as Osteoarthritis which occurs due to the wear and tear of cartilage that protects the joints. Due to this condition severe pain, swelling, joint movement problems, etc may occur.

Older adults, mainly aged 65 and older, are most likely diagnosed with arthritis. So taking effective measures to prevent or to lower the severity, is a must. And exercise is the best way for this.

Exercise for arthritis:

Many older adults may find physical activities as very challenging, but by getting involved with mild exercises would help to improve the self being and physical functioning of the patients, which makes it worth doing. Exercises can also help to reduce the health risks of conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

People, both men and women, who get involved in activities, be it moderate or intensive, for at least 45 minutes every week will see greater benefits of physical functioning and well being.

Even a little activity is better than none, so activities like brisk walking, jogging etc  can be adapted, but before this make sure you take suggestions and guidelines from an experienced orthopaedic or trainer. Mild exercises would be much better and suiting for older adults with arthritis.

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