New Trends in hip and knee replacements

new trend in hip and knee replacement

Hip and knee replacement or corrective surgeries remain a major worry for many patients, especially those who are at advanced ages. This is mostly because of the fear of pain and the extended stay in the hospital after the surgery.

The most raised doubts about these surgeries are all about how limited the movement will be and how long will it take to recuperate from the surgery. The hip and knee joint erosion in itself is a movement affecting ailment.

But now the advancements in technology has revolutionised the insertion of prosthetic hip and knee joints. There is less of surgical trauma now with much fewer cuts. In other words, this means lesser days of hospital stay, virtually no scars and faster rehabilitation. The Minimally Invasive Surgery or MIS is focussed on reducing the size of the incision made to correct the damage. This worked wonders in speeding up the post-surgery recovery of patients and managing the related pain.

Minimally Invasive Surgery for hip and knee replacement

It is to be noted that the way implants are used and surgical procedure are all the same as it was used in surgeries in the past. The magic of technology worked in the quality of the implants and the instruments used for the surgery.

The advanced surgical equipment can help the surgeon to replace the damaged part in the hip with an implant through cuts of just about 3 to 6 inches. Highly sophisticated and most advanced surgical support like computer navigation and robotics and hugely developed anaesthesia techniques along with premium quality implants have radically changed the joint replacement surgery.

On the risk side, the surgeon’s organic visibility is much reduced when the incision is reduced. The surgeon has to rely on computers and robots for getting the first-hand view of the extent of damage to the tissue and the area needs to be replaced. So it is very important to choose the right surgeon with the best expertise to handle the case.

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