How to improve your well-being through regular exercise

regular exerciseHaving a healthier body is worth any other treasures. So to have a better body and to add more years to your life, you just have to exercise on regular basis.

Exercising is an essential part of our well- being as it not only provides physical fitness but also improves our mental fitness, regardless of sex and age. To get a good healthy body you have to plan exercises that are most suitable and effective for your body type

Here are some exercises and easy activities, to do regularly, that might really help you to achieve that ever-longing body you wished for;

Doing simple activities for even 30 minutes a day can be very beneficial for your health. Some of these includes:

Pleasure walking:

Take a walk daily through a park or riverside walkway nearby your home, in the morning or evening. These walks will refresh your body and mind equally.

Climbing Stairs:

Always try taking the stairs, but do avoid this if you have heart-related issues or other health problems.


Spend some time in your garden. Water and nurture your plants, this will make you feel fresh from inside out.


Switch on your favourite peppy song and dance to it, forgetting all things happening around you.

Some vigorous exercises can also be added to your daily schedule, apart from these simple regular activities. And try doing these for at least three times a week. Doing it the right way can also help you to prevent certain health issues like heart diseases, cancer, etc. This include:

Brisk walking:

This is a great exercise method for obese and elderly people and for those who haven’t  exercised for a long period. It can be done at any time in your own pace.


Running can help you to improve your health level and mood. It is one of the best way of exercise for losing your weight easy and fast. This also helps to boost up the working of organs and the immune system. So start running.


This is an absolute all over body workout, as it nearly involves all of your muscles while swimming. This exercise will help you to maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. It also helps to tone your muscles and builds the strength.


This exercise makes your heart, blood vessels and lungs to get a workout, which makes this exercise an aerobic activity. Cycling will help to improve your overall fitness level.

Roller skating:

Roller skating will help you to strengthen your muscles, especially of your lower body and benefit you with fat reduction, leg strengthening, etc.

Jumping rope:

This exercise can provide you with more benefits when compared to running. Jumping rope even at a very moderate rate will burn up to 10 to 16 calories a minute. You can also reduce about 480 calories in just 30 minutes by simply doing three 10-minute jump rounds.

Benefits from daily physical activities

The American Heart Association has quoted the following as the key benefits of doing exercise:

  • Exercise will help to keep weight under control
  • It improves the cholesterol level in the blood
  • Helps to improve the blood circulation and prevents high BP
  • Helps to prevent bone loss
  • Boosts energy level in the body
  • Helps to release tension and manage the stress
  • Helps in improving the muscle strength.
  • It will help improve sleep

Now you know the importance and role of exercise in your life, so get rid of your laziness and start exercising to live longer and healthier.



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