How to keep your hip flexible?

hip flexibleModern life demands much less movement from your body, as compared to old ways of living. Too much of time spent at the desk or in a car or on a couch can bring down the efficiency of your body and the first part to take the impact will be your hip. The mobility of your hip gets the first pinch of your sedentary lifestyle.
The worst part is that you will not notice the situation worsening, until you start getting lower back pain after a long day at work or had trouble squatting all the way down to pick up a bag of groceries. This is when you should consider giving more attention to your hips.
The movement and flexibility of the middle portion of our body is dependent on hips and the muscles that surround them. Too much of sitting makes the hips stiffen up and eventually weak. So, it is important to keep the hip flexible.

Ways to improve flexibility of hip

There are many exercises that loosen up the hip muscles. It is important to keep doing the exercise constantly to keep the hip flexible enough.
Some simple hip-strengthening and stretching exercises can help to keep the hip and muscles from becoming tight. This will bring down the risk of injury and discomfort. But the exercises are very simple so that you can include them in your routine.
Some of the hip flexor stretches are Seated Butterfly Stretch, Pigeon Pose, Weighted Hip Extension and Bridges, which is a good exercise strengthen the posterior chain of the body.
There are also Hip Flexor Strengthening Exercises, which need to be done in consultation with the medical experts. There are exercises like Balancing Hip Flexion, Runner’s Lunges, Skater Squats and Pendulum.
Besides these regular exercises, it is highly advisable to get up and move around frequently, if your job demands being seated for too long. Also, just like any other exercise, it is very important to warm up before exercising and also to stretch at the end of the workout.


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