Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovery after knee replacementThe biggest stumbling block one faces ahead of the knee replacement surgery is the fear about mobility. So, it is most important to regain mobility and freedom of movement after the surgery. Replacing the arthritic knee with an efficient one through surgical process is often the last step in the treatment protocol. All leading orthopaedic surgeons try out physiotherapy and medicines before going for invasive surgical process.

As with all surgeries, adequate rest is most important in managing the post-operative phase. The next stage in the recuperation process involves light exercises and physical therapy techniques. This is most important for the long-term effect of the knee replacement surgery.

The advancement of technology and mastery of surgeons ensures that patients are able to stand and walk with the replaced knee soon after the surgery. Most patients find the replaced surgery more stable to the old arthritic knee. But the patient’s complete participation is required in the total recuperation process.

Exercises to speed up recovery

The initial walking after surgery will be with the help of walker or crutches to ease the load on the operated upon knee. Please remember to pedal the feet, gently move the ankles back and forth and do heel slides after consulting the surgeon – as these are needed to increase the blood circulation to legs.

The task before a patient is to regain the personal freedom. This means being able to get out of the bed without assistance, walk unassisted, being able to climb stairs and have such movement abilities. Another important aspect to be taken care of ahead of discharge from hospital is a clear knowledge about therapeutic home exercises.

Please remember that post-operation recovery is a slow and gradual process. Overworking or stressing can cause only damage and not speed up the recovery process. So it is absolutely important to adhere to the exercise regime recommended by the surgeon or physiotherapist.

The common recovery exercises recommended after a knee replacement surgery are Standing Knee Bends, Assisted Knee Bends, Knee Exercises with Resistance and Exercycling or stationary bicycle riding. Give the body the right amount of exercise it needs to regain normal mobility.

The key word after a knee replacement surgery is Stay Active.

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