Healthcare is a global concern. In a competitive global market where there is constant dissemination of information, consumers have all the knowledge and choices at their disposal. That’s why people are moving out of first world countries, where costs are higher in comparison to fast developing countries such as India.

In Healthcare, Cross border joint pain care is a growing phenomenon applicable to patients looking for joint replacement surgery. Across the globe, in all democracies, the citizens have the right to obtain treatment abroad when the same is either legally forbidden in their own country or very expensive or due to lack of expertise or equipments in their home countries or due to personal wishes.

Q: Why India

A: India is emerging as a preferred healthcare destination for patients across the globe. In fact, medical tourism has earned a prominent position in statistics related to tourist influx as well as revenue generation for the services sector. India is considered a highly effective centre for specialized treatments such as open-heart surgery, hip and knee replacement, pediatric cardiac surgery, dentistry, bone marrow transplant, cosmetic surgery, and therapy of cancer, among others.

Q: Why should you opt for India for getting the most complex Medical problems sorted out ?

A: World-class services at affordable cost:
International patients come to India for treatment because of the world-class facilities available here at affordable costs. Moreover, there are no waiting lists or queues to baffle patients or their families. You get immediate attention and assistance in hospitals anywhere in India.

Skilled and well-qualified doctors:
Indian doctors and surgeons are well known throughout the world for their skills and research. This country offers you the services of some of the world’s highest-qualified medical professionals along with top-class biomedical facilities.

Customized services:
Here, patients can avail healthcare benefits in facilities varying in size from small, specialized clinics to large, multi-specialty hospitals. India’s offerings are classified into a range of categories that can suit every budget and every need.

Use of latest technologies:
Indian hospitals are equipped with highly advanced equipment and use latest technologies to offer sophisticated medical services that are easily comparable to those offered by developed countries.

Growing Trends:
As per estimates, around 1.7 lakh foreigners fly to India for medical treatment every year; to avail world class personalized healthcare services. Indian hospitals meet international standards of cleanliness and hygiene and their top-class infrastructure suits the needs of patients coming for treatments such as heart surgery, knee replacement, orthopedic treatments, cosmetic surgery, eye care, dental treatment or any other healthcare need.

Q: Personalized care to abroad patients

A: With the boom in medical tourism to India, Isaac Hospitals is one of the pioneer in health care provider to abroad patients especially Maldives, srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa and Middle east countries for the past 5 years and also attracting many medical tourists of North East region in India and Anthaman, is added an advantage in our better quality care in joint replacement surgery.

Isaac Hospitals located in the heart of the Marthandam, south tamilnadu – is well linked with the international airport. Our hospital has offering services at par with international standards.

In Isaac Hospitals, we work closely with our potential patients, providing them the best of the services under one roof without having to wait. We aim at providing world class medical procedures through our global collaborations, complying with international standards of excellence.

English is widely spoken here and we have a dedicated International Patients Helpdesk to ensure the smooth procedural flow for any International patient or visitor.

Starting with our state of the art facilities, personalized care, infrastructure coupled with fully developed skill sets of internationally trained medical professionals to stringent quality assurance exercises – is a tremendous boost for those who are opting to avail our facilities.

Lastly but most importantly, having a assured success rate comparable to international standards and all this at an affordable cost is letting patients flock in all from all parts of the globe to make their eternal desire for a restoring lives.

Q: For Appointments and Inquiries

A: You can get a free opinion from our doctors or ask for a quote. Just drop an e-mail to or FAX to +91 4651 274553, +91 9443167252 we also have a telemedicine & video conference facility through which you can speak to your doctor*. We have operated a separate cell for treating abroad patients and their tourism programme.