• Computer Assisted Surgery

    A growing number of surgeons are using camera-computer systems to help them apply their skills to the utmost advantage for patients undergoing joint replacement. The goal is to assist surgeons to operate with smaller incisions and greater precision.

  • Digital Orthopedic Suite

    The Orthopedic Suite has fully computerized Digital Operating Theatre that displays, records and streams at the touch of a finger. It has the first pinless Ceiling Mounted Navigation Platform in 3D with most advanced software for Hip and Knee Joint Replacement allowing 99.9% accuracy

  • Sigma CR 150

    Today’s diverse patient population demands a knee system that can react to the needs of the individual patient. The Sigma Knee System brings together function with wear resistance to match patient needs. Regardless of the size, shape or activity level of patients,

  • Unicondylar Knee Replacement

    Unicondylar Knee Replacement simply means that only a part of the knee joint is replaced through a smaller incision than would normally be used for a total knee replacement.Unicondylar Knee Replacements have been performed since the early 1970’s with mixed success.

  • Delta Motion

    As the first cement less acetabula cup with a pre-assembled delta ceramic liner, the DELTAMOTION® Hip System uses clinically established technology in an innovative way to provide a novel, best-in-class solution for younger patients, particularly those with small acetabulae,

  • High Performance OTs

    A complete medical technology solutions for Operating Theatres with high quality equipment, guaranteeing optimum treatment for patients and greatest possible working comfort for the personnel. Supra-aseptic Laminar flow O.T. with HEPA filters

  • TruMatch® Personalized Solutions

    TRUMATCH® Solutions brings a new level of personalized Total Knee Replacement surgery to your Patient. It is based on the proven philosophy of mechanical alignment, with the customized instrumentation and computer software system designed to aid in knee