How to prevent sports injuries?

sports injuriesThe age belongs to sports. Kids are initiated into the world of sports much well in advanced as compared to olden times. Also, they are exposed to a wide spectrum of sports through visual media. So it is natural that kids are more actively engaged in sports than ever before.
So the challenge is to make them aware about enjoying the sports in a healthy and safe manner. The human body’s endurance limit differs from person to person. Children who are venturing out to the open ground need to learn this first. They should be made aware about their own bodies, their endurance levels and the stress that the sports demands from their bodies. This will prevent them from pushing beyond the limits and end up with sports injuries. Without this control, most of the apparently innocent injuries can develop into life-altering disabilities in future. Let’s make the children play it safe.

Tips on safe sports

Being in the right physical condition is very important. Most often kids try to make up for long absences off the field with extra effort to catch up. Make them aware that sports requires consistent and constant tuning up of the body. Tell them it is ok not to push further if they do not feel to be fit enough.
Playing by the rules of the game is just as important to prevent sports injuries, especially those engaging in contact sports. Respecting the rules of the game keeps not just the athletes safe and healthy, but promotes good sporting culture.
Having protective gear is a norm these days. Daredevilry is not to be encouraged in sports. Use and make others use protective gear wherever it is available and allowed.
Taking a good rest after a prolonged session of physical activities is when the body gets recharged. A body depleted of its potential might not respond the way the athlete wants it to. So never overlook rest.
Warming up before the game will enable the body to charge up its skills and reserve the best part of the winning surge.

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