• JULY 28, 2017
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    Notes on Knee Replacement

    Notes on Knee Replacement

    Knee is one of the most important part of human body, as it is essentially linked to free movement. Any difficulty or ailment affecting the knee can lead to upsetting the natural rhythm of life. Deterioration of the health of knee joint and surrounding tissues can effect even the basic daily life. This is where

    • APRIL 12, 2017
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    Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery

    The biggest stumbling block one faces ahead of the knee replacement surgery is the fear about mobility. So, it is most important to regain mobility and freedom of movement after the surgery. Replacing the arthritic knee with an efficient one through surgical process is often the last step in the treatment protocol. All leading orthopaedic

    • APRIL 8, 2017
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    Risks in delaying knee replacement surgery

    Knee replacement surgery is not a big deal these days, thanks to the advancement of technology and the expertise of doctors. But still many keep on delaying the surgery, mostly out of fear and misinformation. The fear about the procedure and its effects, general fear about the surgery and ignorance about the post-operation pain are

    • MARCH 8, 2017
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    Common Causes and Cure for Knee Pain

    Human body is a complex system. It is essential to keep this system in good shape. Out of the joints in the body, the knee demands more attention and care, as it is the largest joint in the body. Knee is important to allow the leg to move freely and carry the body. So naturally,