How to teach posture habits at young age

benefits of good postureGetting into a good posture is very important for people of all age group. And it is particularly the most essential thing for kids who are still developing and growing. This will also help to prevent muscle soreness, back pain and headaches during adult age.

So here are some tips for you to teach your children about the relevance of good postures. But before that you have to know the reasons for postural ailment imbalances in children.
The main reasons for postural ailments in children are spending too much time in front of computers or electronics like iPads, mobile phones, etc for video gaming or other purposes, limited physical activity, mimicking posture and movements of adults, excessive sitting, wearing stiff or restricting shoes and not involving in enough variety of physical activity.

Tips to build good postures in children:

Praise them: More than through criticizing or scolding children would like to learn things through positive reinforcements. Try to correct your child while he or she slouches and praise them when they display proper posture. Positive comments and compliments will make children to continue good behaviours naturally.
Be a model for good posture: Let your children see yourself in a good posture. It is the best way to demonstrate the importance of keeping the back straight and properly aligned. As children are keen observers you should be more conscious of what you are trying to make them learn.

Form a workspace: Children usually spend too much time for their school assignment and other academic works. And often they slouch to develop poor posture during this time. So you have to make sure that he or she is sitting at a workspace or table having elbow height. Children must keep their palms bottom side off the keyboard while keeping the shoulders shifted back.

Visual assistance: Kids love colors, cartoons and musical videos, so rather than the words or lectures from parents they would like to respond better to images or videos. You just have to search the internet for images or videos that discuss or simply displays about good postures or good habits. Get your child involved into some activity that will help register the importance of good posture.

Talk to them: Whenever you say no to something your child is doing, they probably would be very eager to know ‘why shouldnt?’. So it’s important to make them know about the bad effects of poor posture. They’re more likely to follow the instructions given by you if they understand the benefits of good posture.

Benefits of Good Posture

Breathing will be better if the body is in a good posture. Which means your brain will get enough oxygen, more energy and focus.

Abnormal bone growth can be a result of long term poor posture. Poor posture over the long term can result in abnormal bone growth. This can lead to spinal abnormalities and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, causing pain and impaired mobility in adulthood and could require medical treatment.

Most importantly, people having good posture habits will have more self – confidence.So it is time to strike a good pose, isn’t it?

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